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How To Pack For The Move: Bedroom

The move day is nearing and you want to be prepared. One of the most sensitive rooms to pack is the bedroom. This could be your master bedroom or the kids room. We are here to share with you some secrets that we use at Ultra Movers ( , to pack the bedroom in an organised way, so that we can unpack the items in the new home to leave things in the same order as they were in the old home.


If you are moving with the chest of drawers, leave the clothes in the drawers as they are, folded. Do not remove them.

For clothes that are hang, remove clothes with the hangers and put them in the boxes that way.

Packing jewellery and sensitive documents

Put sensitive documents and items in clearly labeled bags. Such as jewellery, certificates. Do this a few days before the move.

Preparing the Mattress

Get cling film and wrap the mattress, especially if it is white. Look out for our video on how to do this.

The bed

Get tools for undoing the bed. Get the thick cellotape. Stick the bolts on one of the bed pieces. We will show you how to mark the bed so that the right parts are put back together.

Other Fragile Items

Wrap fragile items such as trinkets in newpapers and put them in boxes or suitcases

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