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In addition to being a lot of work, moving house can be quite costly. Here are some tips on how you can save some money when moving homes.

Get Many Moving Services Quotations

  1. Get moving services quotations from at least 3 moving companies. You can find our quote request sheet or get a price indication on our homepage.

  2. Be sure to provide as complete information as possible. Be honest about the distance between the new house and old house, and if you have stops in between.

  3. Size of vehicle: Get a vehicle that can fit all your household items. If the vehicle has to do return trips, there will be additional charges to you.

Look at what option works for you

Factors that you will consider on choosing the option to use are:

  1. Budget: How much have you set aside for the moving. Using a mover is more convenient. However, it is also a pricier option. Also, what mover do you want to use.

  2. Timeline: Do you need to move in a hurry? You might have less room for negotiation with service providers. GIVE YOURSELF enough time to plan for your home move.

  3. Help available; If you do not have people who can assist you during your move, it is best to pick an option that comes with people(labor)

Packing materials

  1. Boxes: get as many free boxes as you can. You can request for your items to be packed up in boxes when you shop at the supermarket. Keep these boxes well and use them for packing your items.

  2. Newspapers: Ask friends to give you some of their extra newspapers. You will need these when packing up the delicate items in the house.

Which day to move

You would be pleasantly surprised to find out that some movers do give discounts if you move during off-peak times (mid-week, mid-month). Take advantage of these discounts if you have the flexibility.

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