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Igcse History Essay Examples

IGCSE History Paper 2 Sourcework Focus – Markschemes and Sample Answers. Students can read through these sample answers and grade each one. For each question there is a good, average and below average answer.

  • Spend about 6 minutes on this 4 mark question Describe how..This is a describe / key features question You need to make at least two statements that are well supported by own knowledge and presented in separate paragraphs. Say “Firstly.” then “Secondly” Spend about 8 minutes on this 6 mark question “Explain the effects of”

  • an essay. It should take up no more than 4-6 lines. For developing one point, you may be awarded an additional mark for that point. However, the examiners are very stingy about awarding the development mark, so don’t rely on it. 4 facts, 4 marks. Keep it that way. 1 mark per point, total 4 points needed. How to answer part (b) of a question [6 marks]

  • Cambridge IGCSE History looks at some of the major international issues of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and covers the history of particular regions and events in more depth. The syllabus: enables learners to develop historical knowledge and the skills required for studying historical evidence.

Igcse History Essay Examples - Essay Help 24x7

Igcse History Essay Examples - Essay Help 24x7

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