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As #moversinnairobi, we move people A lot. Despite calling on us as movers to assist you in the move, one can easily get overwhelmed with the entire process. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to moving. Here are some tips to keep you sane during the transition.

1. Budget

Do you have a budget to pay for moving services? If yes, write it down and put the money aside. Now look for a solution that fits your budget. You can hire the vehicle and have friend assist you move or hire 'watu wa mono' or get a mover. Should you need a quick moving calculator, check ours out.

2. Timing

Get clear on the day/date you want to move. If you book for the move earlier, you tend to get better deal from the movers.

3. Clear with your current and new home estate management

Nothing as frustrating as having all your household items packed in a truck and then they can not leave the housing estate because a certain form was not signed. Be sure to get all clearances well before the move date especially if you are moving on a weekend or public holiday.

4. Pets

Cats, dogs and other animals are known to disappear on the move day. It is overwhelming for them to see very many strangers in the house. Be sure to keep your pets in a pet carrier and keep them in a corner until it is time to leave. At this point, you can take them to your personal vehicle. Movers do not carry animals with them unless prior arrangements have been made for pet transport.

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