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By continuing to use our services, you agree to the terms and condition set out below.


By accepting to use our services, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Between RHINO PROFESSIONALS T/A ULTRA MOVERS KENYA of P.O Box 53421-00200 NAIROBI (Herein after called the “Relocation Service Provider/RSP” which expression shall where the context so admit include its successors and assigns of one part) and the undersigned (Herein after referred to as “the Client” which expression where the context so admit include its successors and assigns) on the other part.


Whereas the Client wishes to be provided with Relocation Services by the RSP from Initial location communicated to new physical location communicated.

WHEREAS the RSP has agreed to carry out the services for the sum agreed in Kenya Shillings.

Whereas  the Client and RSP have agreed to record the terms and conditions thereof as hereafter set out.




At the agreed price, RSP will provide the following basic services:

1..Packing at original physical Location (including furniture disassembly).

2.Transportation to the new site.

3.Unpacking at new physical location (Including furniture reassembly).

4.Removal of pictures/mirrors/ wall hangings/tv aerial/DTSV dish.

Any additional services will incur additional charges. These include but are not limited to connection of DSTV, wall mounting of Tv, pictures, decorative mirrors, clocks among other items, specialist assembly or furniture that was not disassembled by the moving team, electrical works of any kind, plumbing works of any kind, cleaning and fumigation services.





1. The RSP will undertake services with all due care and   attention, provided that where any breakages or damage inadvertently occur, they will not be held liable

2.The RSP will provide timely and efficient services based on the exigencies of each and every situational requirements and challenges

3.  The RSP employees will work professionally and efficiently in provision of the services

4.The RSP will be at liberty to terminate the services where the Client has negligently and or wrongfully provided inaccurate information on the quantity of items to be part of the RSP Services.




1.The Client will provide the necessary details and location for the provision of the RSP services

2.The Client will provide specific details of the nature and quantity of items to be relocated as part of the RSP services and the Client will provide the necessary insurance for the items against any damages or breakages or loss. 

3.The Client will obtain any required prior approvals to enable the RPS services commence one the RSP arrives at the original location and the new location respectively

4.The Client will pay 55% of the costs of the provision of the RSP services upon arrival of the RSP team on the Original Site AND 45% at the conclusion of the provision of the RSP Services

5.The Client confirms that they have the necessary legal ownership and control over all the items that are part of the RSP services and hereby fully indemnify the RSP from any civil and/or criminal liability or action in respect of the aforesaid items


*Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection to this Relocation Services Agreement, or breach, termination or invalidity thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration 

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